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Automatic systems

Below you can find our fully automatic banding system. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Banding applications you can find here.


UltraMatic 420 ZB 

Fully automatic counting and stacking with banding machine and built in friction feeder up to format A4.


DB-Serie with printer and stacking unit 

Fully automatic stacking and banding as well as printing of banding material on site. Specially designed for the food processing industry.


DB-Serie TR Linear 

Banding of unevenly incoming products. Products are banded in the same direction as they are fed in.


DB-Series with 2 heads 

The DB series with 2 heads is designed for automatic banding within a conveyor line with a high throughput volume of up to 50 units per minute. If the requirements are higher, the machine can also be expanded to 3 or 4 heads.



DB-Series for large formats

The DB series for large formats is particularly suitable for banding large-volume products such as EPS panels or the like. This saves up to 75% of conventional packaging material (PE film).

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