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Banding food

Banding provides the food industry with a unique and versatile method of packaging and labeling. Our banding tape can be positioned exactly in the right place on your packaging. Even barcodes, dates or serial numbers can be printed during the same operation.

Banding has also become an important part of the food industry due to increased customer demand. Here, the concept of fixing the product with simultaneous marking by printed material is often used.

The packaging of your products is ready to use in one step! Products such as bread or sausages can be banded without wrapping. This saves time and material costs. Our solutions serve you and your customer. Just think of action packs or multipacks of cheese, meat, hash browns, onions or food trays, etc., just to name a few.

You also increase the recognition value and the signal effect of your product or its packaging on the shelf. In addition, the band provides enough space for nutritional information and indications of origin without obscuring the product. Our machines are equipped as standard with the unique Ultra Clean Seal (UCS) system. The perfect system for environments where factors such as hygiene, temperature, humidity or dust play a role.

Also vacuum packed products, such as skinpacks are on the rise. The products last longer and that has benefits for the entire supply chain. Many vacuum-packed products, such as steaks, fish fillets or pre-cooked vegetables, have irregular and different contours. This makes them not easy to label. Our banding machines are ideal for this type of products. It can easily handle different widths of products, while product, label and branding information has more than enough space.

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