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In order to transport your products safely and gently, we offer you the appropriate transport safety device. Due to the adjustable band tension of our banding machines, you can be sure that your products will not be damaged on the one hand - on the other hand, nothing is lost in larger products due to the tight tension of the banding material. Printed banding foil or printed banding paper offer the possibility of product labeling.

Banding can save a lot of money. A good example is the replacement of a complete transport box or shrink film with a simple tape. The tape is stable but can easily be removed. This allows a fast, clean and damage-free transport. Also, not to despise the reduction of waste.

Whether rubber boots, tobacco products, electronic components or wood products: The banding technique can be used everywhere. So also for textiles, EPS products or hardware.
A typical example is in the steel industry, where bundles of aluminum profiles are held together simply and efficiently. And the in-mold industry has also discovered the banderole. Products such as cutlery, DVD cases or storage boxes are bundled quickly and easily or combined into action packaging.

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