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In order to pack your sensitive products (for example blister packs, cartons, boxes, granules, sachets) safely and in a way that is suitable for transport, you will find a reliable partner in banding. Benefit among other things are printed banding material with EAN code to ensure the safe labeling of your products. With an appealingly printed banderole around your bottles or cosmetic packaging, you can upgrade your packaging.


Banding is an excellent method for the damage-free and hygienic bundling and sealing of medicines. Ten boxes of paracetamol or blister packs can be bundled in no time with a paper or film strip. The banderole has room for your own corporate identity as well as promotional or product information. The banding technique is also suitable for clean rooms.

Our products are often used by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries to create a packaging unit from a variety of products. We offer small table devices as well as automatic banding systems for the respective application.


A typical application example is the bundling of ten boxes of paracetamol or blister packs. Once arrived at the pharmacy, the band can be easily removed. But also product bundles with printed banderole are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of this industry. And thanks to the imprinted label, the bundles can be immediately put on the shelf where the products attract the customer's attention. Thus the purchase incentive is increased considerably.

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